My favourite bakery is closed because of the public holiday so I can either have mediocre croissants from somewhere else or eat something different for breakfast but tbh both those options are unacceptable


this makes me wanna start a motorcycle gang with my girl tay. long rides down the highway to that one cute antique shop. rollin up to the karaoke bar n kickin boys’ faces in with our leather ankle boots. we like our coffee like we like our tights: black, opaque, probably somewhat overpriced. we like our whiskey like we like our men: in moderation, and usually later we wish we’d gone with another option. our motorcycles have travel-baskets for our cats and we don’t take no shit from nobody.

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Post-Winter Soldier Bucky having a lot of issues seeing himself as more than a tool or a weapon, and one that has done some horrible things at that.

Steve’s casual physical affection and Sam’s slaps on the back reminding him that not every interaction between people is violent.

Bucky taking selfies on days that he’s feeling good so that he has proof that his body can be something that is beautiful.

Tony’s fascination with figuring out his arm and his cheerful chatter while he exclaims over it helping Bucky feel like it’s a part of him that maybe he could like someday.

Bucky finding out that Steve draws him all the time, and being dumbstruck that anyone would want to. Going silent again when he sees how lovely the drawings are and knowing that Steve doesn’t do anything unless he does it honestly.

Bucky sending the pictures he takes to Steve. Steve smiles whenever he gets one and shakes his head a bit; happy to see his progress. Anyone would assume that he was amused by Bucky’s vanity.

But Steve always replies, and he always says the same thing.

You’re looking good, soldier. You feeling good, too?

After a while — more often than not — the reply is the same, too.

Yeah. I think I am.

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lil pal

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Kiss Me

The Fray

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Kiss Me (Cover) | The Fray
Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon’s sparkling
So kiss Me

I heard the first line and gasped. like for real and now I’m crying

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The thing is, there’s someone I’ve been feeling especially bitter about lately, I get so sour I can’t look at anyone all day without yelling. It was alright today though, did some remembering and didn’t want to punch my way out of my skin. 

Whenever I start feeling that way I tell myself to be happy for them wherever they are or at least to be grateful that I experienced things with them at all and I fail a lot of the time, spend entire weeks feeling so angry and sad it sweeps me off my feet, but today I talked about them and did feel grateful, we had some beautiful times, another human being saw me the way I wanted to be seen and it was worth it, nothing to be angry about.

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I didn’t do any research today but I bought new socks and headphones and had actual vegetables for lunch and I didn’t feel bitter about anything so I’m considering it a win.

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I spend alot of time thinking about Louis getting out of a pool in slow motion and shaking his hair while Pour Some Sugar On Me plays.

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