what the everliving fuck is this

Flora began to emerge from the dark when she stopped minding what people saw when they looked at her. So that when some man who was admiring of her wit, or her heavy brown hair, would ask ‘What’s this?’ of the polished streaks on her neck and under her jaw where the fire had licked her, she’d say, ‘I have pointy petals, like an artichoke. Do you like them?’

the Angel’s Cut, Elizabeth Knox

Nothing special happened today but the second I got home it felt like someone was stomping all over my heart and my head hurt and I’ve been non-stop on the verge of crying for hours, what is happening to me


How to fierce up your look with Blue Milk + Quill combo. 💧♠️


The Black Horse by Andrew Clegg Littler


if u dont believe in the supernatural, consider this: why do cameras and recording devices always stop working when they are in the presence of ghosts, demons, or harry and louis

Have enough courage to trust love one more time. And always one more time.

Maya Angelou (via larmoyante)


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I thank the powers that be every single day that no one has done a Los Campesinos! owob yet bc I don’t fucking trust anyone to get it right.

What I learnt tonight amounts to a) I suck at every single possible incarnation of Mario Kart and b) Hungry Jacks is still a portal to a hell dimension.