To make a long long story much much shorter, there’s a lot of popcorn in my bed right now.

The professor for this class on life writing just ended her lecture with “make sure to bring in your phones and cameras next week so we can have some fun selfies!” and I don’t know what to do with that.


Ke$ha - We R Who We R

hot and dangerous / if you’re one of us then roll with us

I mean, listen, this is not not a call to join some kind of revolution. I mean, I guess technically mostly it’s about wearing good eyeshadow and getting trashed, but it’s not like those things are mutually exclusive.

we runnin this town just like a club

I mean, listen, I’m not gonna say that “the club” as it is often referenced in recent pop music is a site that both transcends and in some way revolts against a vaguely-defined outer power structure, a idealized place of relief from the strange bodily ills of capitalism, a broken fragment of a strange utopia clinging like a gross barnacle to the soft sad underbelly of a dystopia, but also, like, what do you do at the club? Personally I mostly try to situate my body as a conduit for some kind of joy not inherently provided, and in fact often inhibited, by the value-structures of an outside world, perhaps to personal detriment, and probably to no significant revolutionary effect, but standing in some small personal opposition all the same. Sorry, I mean, “dance.”

tonight we’re going hard / just like the world is ours

I mean, listen, I dunno, it’s like, would this song even exist if there weren’t a lot of people who feel like the world isn’t theirs?

everything i love is on the table.
everything i love is out to sea.


"dick is abundant and low value" i am screaming


liesel marrying max is my most staunch literary opinion

There’s a house being built next door and the tradies have been blasting Tove Lo songs on repeat since 8am which is, you know, but also the other thing

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